We need folk proficient in grief!

“We need folk proficient in grief!

This was the line that most spoke to my heart, as I watched last night’s showing of the amazing movie “We The Uncivilised” at the community-saved library in New Cross.

This is a beautiful tender road-movie made by a wonderful unpretentious young couple, as they seek answers to the deep dissatisfaction that they felt about our planet-destroying uncivilised consumer culture.

As they tour the rural beauty of Britain in their waste-vegetable oil-powered camper-van, they interview many of the heroes of the UK’s environmental movement, some of whom have touched my own life in different ways – Satish Kumar, editor Resurgence, Jewels Wingfield, eco-feminist, the late Patrick Whitefield, Permacultural Expert, Mac Mccartney , Embercombefounder, Polly Higgins, Ecocide campaigner, the awe-inspiring Vanessa Vine, Balcombe heroine and cutting edge “uncivilised” eco-communities such as Tinker’s Bubble.

The film is full of stunning shots of the remaining shards of the natural world we have not destroyed in Britain.

And it also includes a magical human synthesis of the death of the Permaculture elder Patrick Whitefield and the gestation and birth of their own first love-child.

It was an extraordinary privilege to share this birth as the ecstatic moment it was for the mother, whilst not denying the potential fatal risks!

The birth sequences were intermingled with coverage of Patrick’s death and interviews with his widow.

And I could not help but be in awe of how the movie, enabled Patrick to make even his passing, into part of his life’s work to call us to live in permaulture rather than consumer culture.

There was such a tender gentle spiritual depth to the movie, that hot slow tears started spilling down my cheeks, almost from the beginning and kept doing so almost right through to the end.

This was despite the movie not being full of stark facts or statistics about the apocalyptic destruction we are wreaking on nature and our climate but just gentle interviews with beautiful souls and eco-communities who have dedicated their lives to tackling the blind destruction of “civilised” consumerism and seeking to help save/protect what nature is left.

I have been crying such tears for the destruction of our earth for some time now.

The depth of the pain I am feeling was first opened up about 3 years ago at a Tantric Shibari weekend workshop that I was assisting Jason Tantra with.

Even though I was an assistant, I decided to participate in the final workshop process, which involved a guided meditation whilst tied up.

The background music included some lyrics about loving the earth and suddenly it triggered an earthquake of deep primal pain, as though somebody had suddenly plugged me into Gaia’s horrific pain, as humanity bulldozes its way through her beautiful creation.

Destroying in fifty years, what took nature billions of years to lovingly manifest.

60% of all the wildlife that was on our planet when I was born, has already been destroyed by our uncivilised barbaric consumerism.

At the current rate of blind ignorant destruction, almost all of it may have suffered ecocide by the time I die.

How dare we? How dare we?!!

After about 4 minutes of this horrendous psychic pain, I was begging Jason Tantra to turn off the music and release me from the pain that was so unbearably intense that I thought it was going to destroy me.

It took a few moments for him to understand what I was crying out desperately for him to do.

And as the moments passed, the pain grew and grew, until it was so horrific I thought I was going to go mad, until thankfully he got what I was incogently pleading for and he turned off the music and released me from my shibari ties.

In shock, I asked my inner self, what in goodness name, could nature want me to experience what felt like such personally deeply destuctive pain?

And back, as clear as crystal, my inner voice said, you have to experience this deep cataclysmic pain that nature and the earth are enduring, if you are to have any hope of communicating the urgency of the crisis that Gaia is in.

So I plead with you, try and get to see this movie.

Organise a showing in your community.

Re-commit yourself to joining Satish, Mac, Jewels, Polly, Tinkers Bubble et al in their pilgriimage of love for our earth and their pledge to do all in their human power to save and nurture what is left, so it can be reborn and replenish and restore what we have and are destroying.

When I was googling the movie in order to give a link to it, I typed in WeTheUnlimited instead fo WeTheUncivilised…..

And I laughed at the accidental message…… we the uncivilised, each and every one of us, have unlimited potential to heal our earth, if only we reach out to each other and take urgent practical action, each and every day of our lives ….

We ALL have to be unlimited activists now!

Huge thanks to Lily Rose Sequoia and Peter Sequoia for this spiritual gift of a movie to our human hearts and to Gaia.

My tears are even now still gently flowing…… …..maybe I am now one of the tribe of elders proficient in grief…..

Yes We Can! Yes They Are!

Blessed be.

Donnachadh x

PS If you cannot afford a copy of my book, contact and I will send you the ebook version for free. x

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