The Vision

‘wetheuncivilised, A Life Story’, is not just a movie, it’s a grassroots movement. It is a starting point for people to come together to explore thoughts and feelings around the current ecological crisis, and to join as a community to transform ideas into action

Community Screenings across the globe
Screening a film can be a powerful community event, and we want to support you in making it happen.  We have created a Screening Kit to guide you, based on our experience coordinating and hosting over 60 screenings on the 2016 Community Screening Tour.  Find out more here.

More Content!
We want to expand the functionality of our website, to include a rich resource of online content from un-published interview footage.  Help us to make it happen – donate  here.

FireCircle network
The FireCircle project is a global network of local groups, coming together to find sustainable solutions for positive social and ecological change.  Read more here.

The longterm Vision
Our long-term vision is the creation of an accessible and inclusive land-based project space that focuses on regenerative culture and ecological education, bringing together many of the people and ideas that we are learning through the making and sharing of this film – but more about that another time!


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