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You’ve watched the film… What next?

We have created a FREE FireCircle Guide to provide you with a step-by-step guide to setting up a FireCircle in your community. (Scroll down and fill in the form below to receive your FireCircle Guide)

Whilst touring in 2016, we found that many people had very powerful responses to the film, and we feel it is important to honour this. The FireCircles are our response to the “what next?” question that we heard from the people we met. It is an idea, and and experiment, but essentially, it is about you, and your community, coming together to take action.

“Gathering in circle started around the fires of our ancestors and has accompanied us ever since. We remember this space. When we listen, we speak more thoughtfully, and discover a shared purpose.”  Circle Way


What is a FireCircle?

A FireCircle is based around the model of a Talking Circle. A Talking Circle is also known as a “Way of Council”, or “Circle Way”, and draws on indigenous wisdom from around the world, as a way of connecting, decision making and coming together to find solutions.

A FireCircle is a gathering where people come together in a circle with a clear intention. At the centre of each FireCircle sits a symbol of the Children’s Fire. This represents the commitment of the group to honour future generations in their thoughts, words and actions.

Why Start a FireCircle?

Living in a technological culture driven by the forces of scarcity and competition, it’s easy to see how we can become alienated and disconnected from our immediate communities and our immediate environment. Feelings of powerlessness can also lead to apathy and inaction. Fortunately this is not the whole story.

When we create opportunities to share our life stories with others: the things that bring us joy and the things that bring us grief – these exchanges can sustain us in times of challenge, and allow the resilient threads of connection and mutual aid to be woven. It is in this coming together of community that our individual and our collective power sits, and this is why we have extended the wetheuncivilised project to include the creation of a network of FireCircles.

Your Community FireCircle

Whether the need to hold such a gathering has emerged from a Community Screening Event, a Home Screening Event, or a private viewing, FireCircles are a place to gather with members of your community: to listen and be listened to, and to transform feelings into action.

The Community FireCircle is a space to:

  • Gather and connect with members of your community
  • Support others and feel supported
  • Resolve conflict
  • Collectively acknowledge/celebrate/discuss an event within the community
  • Cross-pollinate and create solutions

The FireCircle is, most importantly, your space, to create and hold in a way that works for you and the people you are gathering with. It works best with groups of 4-16, but can it be any size, depending on your group – bigger groups just need more time!

Contact us through the form below to download your FREE step-by-step FireCircle Guide.

  • Please ensure that you have watched the film before deciding to set up a FireCircle
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