Vinyl Head Cafe, Ramsgate (Sat 5 August)

All funds raised will go to The Garden Gate Project in Margate:


To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people experiencing social exclusion through mental ill health, and or learning disability, living in Thanet

To contribute towards the building of community cohesion and inclusiveness.

To build skills and capacity within the local community and to support community participation.

To inform and engage local people in addressing their own and wider social, economic and environmental well-being.

To reduce prejudice and to raise awareness, inform and influence others on the needs of those with mental ill health and or learning disability.


To provide health, social, environmental, educational, and economic and leisure opportunities within a framework of a community garden. 

To provide opportunities for local people to come together through volunteering and creative activities, within the context of a community garden.

To provide a locally managed community facility, that is accessible and open to all.

To develop the community facility based on sustainable development principles.

To provide community-based, community-inclusive services and activities.

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