Buddhafield Festival (Sat 15 July)

wetheuncivilised – Sun-powered Ecological Cinema and Community Hub –  Join us as we explore a culture of connection and belonging and cultivate the possibility of positive social and environmental change – sessions include (See board for full schedule): 

  • Cultural Emergence –  Activities and tools to unleash and harness our natural resources, skills and creativity 
  • Talking Circles – Experience and learn about the power of sitting in Circle. Drawing on indigenous wisdom from around the world, talking Circles are a way of connecting, decision making and coming together to find solutions
  • Ecological Cinema – Films selected to inspire, inform, empower and engage, including screening and Q&A with filmmakers of Award-Winning wetheuncivilised, A Life Story A stunning and sensitive journey into ecology, humanity and spirituality.”
  • Openmic – Lie down on cushions and kick back, bring your instruments, your voices and stories of land and place…

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