Plant journey

This poem emerged following a plant journey, gifted to me by the San Pedro Cactus. A beautiful plant, her exquisite whte flower blooms for just 24 hours each year. Her flesh contains mescaline, a naturally occurring psychadelic alkaloid, and invites us to explore the deeper reaches of our conciousness.

On this occasion, we were on the outskirts of the Bolivian rainforest, WOOFing on a small permaculture project, run by a Belgian shaman who had been in Bolivia for over 30 years. He had gone full wild-man many years ago. He offered to guide us on our journey, and this is how it went….



I am inside
the roots of a tree
ethereal body
rises above
the heat
extracts warm liquid
from my skin
as within
the belly of my body
a universe explodes
showering rainbow colours
accross my vision,
this drink has made an inscission,
a gap,
through which
my mind
can find
what is usually hidden.
These strange limbs
don´t feel like mine
as I slip outside of time
and dance
kundalini snake charmer
the drum beats harder
and my force field floats
I concieve
an expanding spiral
of roots and leaves
weave through
this throbbing womb space
and encase
this crysalis.
Imaginal cells converge
as I emerge
pulling back the membrane
born again, 

Cool air on
bare skin,
the sky, 
folding into
moon vortex.
white light
whispers through
curling mists
dew drop stars drip 
from the sky
and I 
can touch 
each one
because there is
no here or there,
just spaces in between…
there is no time 
as my eyes align
with my lover´s face
fresh and full of youth,
I see the truth
as he morphs
into an old man
and takes my hand…

We are suspended in space
timeless and full of grace
this moment
is a layer
of present, future and past,
my first, my last,
San Pedro´s key
has opened me
this exquisite reality
runs bittersweet
salt rivers
from my eyes
as cosmic streams
like sighs,
and I ascend
into new dimensions,
as blades of grass 
unravel irredesent ribbons
showers of light
this night 
is alive…
Engorged with blood,
my senses flood
an orchestra errupts
serrenading forrest
electric hum
surrounds me
as I takes flight
into this heavenly night.

cool earth meets feet
they seek
the heat 
of the fire
embers glow
and show
the underside
of this ride
the thick ash of death
has exhaled his breath
accross the ground.
charred with sin
and bodies writhe
in this pit of shame
backs turned in blame
scenes of war and 
sordid desperation
seep out of the flames
television stations 
showing pornographic images
of women with their legs spread
selling sex
to soldiers with machine guns
making bets
in smoke filled rooms
darkness looms
whilst life´s
ooze up from the floor
and I witness them all
as I lie in the dirt
feeling earth´s hurt
at the cross roads of heaven and hell
confronted with
a prison cell of truth.
Shivers slither down my back
and through the crack,
My lover´s arm
and calm 
softly wrap around me:
“you can choose your reality”
and suddenly, 
the star studded sky
engulfs me,
images repeat,
and I´m back again
in a rain
shower of light
and i feel like
a survivor of the appocolypse
as the veil lifts
and night gently slips,
into day.

Hand in hand,
we stumble accross the wasteland
of memories,
past insect, leaf and tree
life vibrating
We are home,
but the shift
of the cactus spirit sits
inside us now.

Source: Uncivilized