Royate Hill Community Orchard

royate-mike-feingold-in-his-allotment-arms-outstretched_8286.jpg.191x191_q95_crop--50,-50_upscaleThe Community Orchard is a community resource for other allotment holders and local people. It’s primary aim is one of education: practical, hands-on learning about growing and maintaining fruit trees & bushes, along with other veg. It’s secondary aims are the sharing of produce; the promotion of ‘local food’; the benefits of communal space and community. Wherever possible the orchard follows ‘permaculture principles’.

The Orchard now has over 40 varieties of fruit trees, along with fruit bushes and veg. It has begun to graft its own root stock to produce new trees, that are sold on to raise funds. Courses on pruning and grafting trees are held, along with apple pressing to make juice & cider.

The Roundhouse, built by volunteers on a training course, can provide shelter, workshop & meeting space, an area for crafts & green ecology & propagation of plants, and for wildlife observation.

Get Involved – All are welcome to share the Orchard. Workdays on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, 11am to 4/5pm. Come for as long as you are able, no skills necessary. Please bring vegan food to share for lunch, usually about 1.30pm. For more info, visits & workshops contact Mike on 07768915423

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