Vanessa Vine

Founder of BIFF! Britain & Ireland Frack Free and Frack Free Sussex, and co-founder of The Life Cairn, Vanessa has spent the past five years both physically and politically standing in way of the oncoming juggernaut that is the unconventional hydrocarbon industry. She has also campaigned extensively to raise awareness of and stop the aberration of Trophy Hunting and was one of the women who danced through London at the head of the march against the badger cull.

Vanessa has worked with Barrister Polly Higgins in seeking to put the Lore back into the Law, in the form of an international law on Ecocide and is co-founder of The Life Cairn project, building memorials to and holding funerals for extinct species … Grief ceremony to help folk deal with the enormity of humanity’s impact on this planet.

What underpins all her work, is a passion to re-member fundamental symbiosis between human beings and all fellow planet-dwelling species, lest the mother of all ironies prove to be the anthropogenic extinction of Homo Sapiens.

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By Graham Eden of Another Eden Images