Paul J Howell

PaulJHowellAfter 17 years working for a multinational energy corporation, a series of direct encounters with soul catalysed a radical change in my life. An instinctual call to be in wild places, my curiosity about the human journey and the nature of relationship, guide and inspire me.

As a threshold guide, psychotherapist, facilitator and coach I hold a deep respect for indigenous wisdom, the insight of contemporary approaches to healing, and the profound and courageous capacities of the human heart. I support and empower people and communities toward lives of authenticity and wholeness.

A master trainer of NLP, a student of myth, archetypes, dream and extraordinary states of consciousness and the primary intelligence inherent in the body, I believe we are each in a dynamic and instinctual conversation with the natural world and the numinous forces that constellate the grand array of existence that calls us ever forward.

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