Margot Henderson

2328_17844_p_g_Uudised_ri41aMargot is a poet, storyteller, writer and performer with a strong community arts practice. She has been working as an engaged community artist and cultural creative for the last 30 years, devising creative processes, workshops and performances for individuals, groups and organisations. Marogt have a background in community education, integrative arts therapy, ceremonial tradition and Buddhist meditation. Much of her work is environmental, site specific, participatory and inter-generational. She has worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals, day centres, prisons, theatres, museums, galleries, schools, conferences, festivals, forests, rivers, quarries and historic sites.

The central ethos of her work as a Community Artist is to encourage creative self expression and wellbeing, to support the deepening of connection to self, place, community and environment, to generate and celebrate a sense of meaning and belonging.  Over the last 12 years her work has developed to incorporate mindfulness meditation and nature education into her creative practice. She teaches Mindfulness meditation in the NHS and in community settings. Margot leads Still Wild wellbeing retreats in the UK. She has been a Cultural Creative specialist with The Art of Mentoring for the last 5 years.