Maeve Gavin

Maeve’s guides group growth and renewal processes to help embrace the wounds of life.   Inspired by cultural practices that enable us to do just this, Maeve founded Way of the Village in 2009. She specialised in Grief Tending in Community rituals, working with small and large groups up to150 people.  She also coordinated five week long multi-generational ‘ Art of Mentoring ‘ courses in the UK and facilitated at courses in the U.S.  Maeve felt her belonging in the wild landscape surge after living for four seasons in a vast forest and later training with pioneers in the fields of somatic and eco-psychology.  She has studied attempts at healthy human systems all her life, from living with the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) to co-founding a refugee food growing charity in Glasgow and developing peer conflict resolution services for inner city schools.  Maeve also has a background assistant producing social and environmental documentaries for the BBC including the Making of the Scottish Landscape. She now lives in the Highlands of Scotland by a beautiful loch with her son Sorley, surrounded by a strong community.

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