Jewels Wingfield

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jewels_wingfieldJewels Wingfield is an educator, a catalyst and a healer.  She lives and offer her work within the context of deep wild nature in the middle of the Ancient 200,000 acre forest of Dean where she has birthed her life long vision to steward a piece of wild land for people to come and connect back to their essential wild and interconnected nature. Jewels  is the founder and director of Living Love and the creator of the EarthHeart vision in the Forest of Dean. Her work is unique and known for its earthy approach to humanities evolution with its roots planted in our interconnectedness with all life. She brings sacredness to the ordinary and make the ordinary sacred.

She brings this rich tapestry of her life’s journey to her work which includes: Teachings of earth based spirituality, sacred ecology/environmental work, shamanism from Celtic lore, ancestral gateways, the ecology of conscious relationship and sacred sexuality. Also grief work, ancient womb wisdom teachings and women’s blood mysteries. Group, individual and couples therapy, ecstatic dance & somatic movement/meditation practices, birth, breath and regression work, NVC (non violent communication), drama therapy and more. She also has her own private therapy practice for couples and for women.
Included in her personal journey of exploration more recently she has been trained, experienced or been inspired by: Satyananda, Frances Weller, Stephen Jenkinson, Satish Kumar, David Deida, Alexandra Pope, Miranda Gray, Glennie Kindred, Joanna Macy and Sobonfu Some.

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