Howard Johns

Howard Johns (Print)Howard Johns author of “Energy Revolution – your guide to repowering the energy system” is an energy engineer, entrepreneur, business leader and activist.

Following completing a degree in energy technology and environment in the early 1990s, Howard became a protestor, about energy and climate change, trying to stop amongst other things the digging of an open cast coal mine, and being evicted from a tree in the process.  He then about building solutions,  founding Southern Solar a national solar energy company, and Ovesco a locally owned renewable energy cooperative which created the first community owned solar power station in the UK.  For five years Howard chaired the trade body representing the UK solar industry, and represented the industry in the media as well as battling for it in the courts.

Howard is currently MD of ENcome UK a solar O&M provider, and chairman of the positive climate change campaign charity10:10. A believer in solutions, Howard is convinced we have all the technology and money we need to implement the climate and energy solutions we urgently need. It is now time for lots of people to get involved with making it happen.