We are the activists, the artists,
the air and the animals;
the community builders,  the herbalists,
the earth and the plants;
the poets, the storytellers,
the makers, the mavericks,
the musicians and the music;
we are the feelings and the fire,
the wonder and the water.
We choose possibilities, not parameters.
We, the uncivilised.


We, the uncivilised, believe in a culture that cultivates relationship between land, life and people.

We, the uncivi­lised, believe in community, collaboration and our ability to create sustainable solutions for positive social and ecological change.

We, the uncivilised believe in stewarding this earth, for all our relations, now and for seven generations hence.

We, the uncivilised, believe it’s time to challenge the stories that imprison us; the stories that uphold the self-destructive system we call Western Civilisation.

We, the uncivilised, are claiming the right to write our own story. We are digging up the stories of our soil. We seek stories to inspire, we seek stories to unite, we seek stories to rouse the heart, and activate the soul.

Beyond the boundary, life becomes limitless…


possibilities not parameters

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