Interview with Satish Kumar

Meditation led by Satish starts at 7:15am. I am the first to arrive. He sits peacefully, cross-legged, eyes closed. The morning sun is starting to filter in through the leadlight windows. This room is specially designated for meditation practice. There are floor cushions, a candle, a Tibetan singing bowl. The guided meditation, leaves me feeling centred and ready for the day, and as always, I ask myself why I don’t practice more often…

We interview Satish at 9:30. He is a wonderfully warm and bright-eyed. His passion and enthusiasm is tangible, and tells of a life lived to the full. His words are wise and insightful, and he whole-heartedly engages with the line of enquiry we present…

We finish the interview with a walk to the outside classroom, which is situated in a wooded glade behind the main building. A blanket of soft white snow drops covers the mossy ground, and, as Satish walks amongst the trees, he seems suddenly so small.

After a final delicious meal, and some fond farewells to new found friends, we jump back into the van, and begin the long drive back to Brighton, filled with inspiration, and positive affirmation – yes, we are on the right path. 

Source: Uncivilized

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