Film screening with a church group

I had 12 friends from Church, one or two slightly younger and one or two slightly older.  All deeply committed Christians!
I paused the film halfway through for a tea break, and was aware of scinicism as one of my friends is an ex primary school teacher, another a retired banker.  We discussed the issues raised to that point, and I got the impression that they were finding the concept difficult to appreciate, and even harder to instigate.
However, in the second half I could see that the values were being appreciated, and we had a long discussion at the end (after holding the guided meditation – normally we end our meetings in prayer!].  In general the consensus of opinion was one of absolute admiration, and whilst still holding conflicting views on some points, we all had been made to realise that the natural earth and evolving nature has to be nurtured and cherished, but made to work along side sustainable worldly progress.
Pam, Bournemouth

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