News from Spain: What inspired our family to look for a different world to live in…

We feel really connected to Lily and Pete from wetheuncivilised. We are a married couple from Malaga (Spain) with 3 children aged 15, 14 and 10. We are part of the lucky ones having jobs, with an income that can reasonably support a family. But in 2012 we felt compelled to bet on the pursuit and promotion of “a different world to live in”. If we didn’t, what kind of world would we be leaving behind for the next generation of kids?
And we thought: What would you do if you found this surprising ad on a notice board or in the classified: “3-KID FAMILY LOOKS FOR A DIFFERENT WORLD TO LIVE IN”? How would you react to it? Would you be curious? Would you find it appealing? Would you look for clues in that search? Or would you discard the idea because you might consider it to be just a utopia or a «hippie attitude»?
It is in fact our real call for partners in that search for a better world.
In this search, we decided to work part-time and devote the extra time to develop our gifts and talents, even though that meant giving up part of our salary and focussing our efforts on tasks that generated no income.
We created a blog where we could weekly share our real life experiences in posts related to our changing consumer habits, the collaborative and charity projects we are involved in, our children’s education, how to put utopian ideas into practice or our own inner revolution. Those are aspects and initiatives we believe important to experience together with our kids, as a family. And going down this path, we have been encountering more and more friends encouraging us to share our experiences. To our surprise, we started to have tens of thousands of website hits.
Our own followers even encouraged us to take a further step: publish a book, and so we did a few months ago, its success catching us completely unawares. Eventually, we appeared on the press, on the news, on an interview program, and we even opened our door to an extensive television news report on the main Spanish national TV channel.
And now we have just launched a new project in Patreon: this platform offers creators and artists the opportunity to devote time and effort to their work, freeing them from the need to spend that precious time on just getting an income to survive. But we want to go further. We want to place the bonds we can create at the very core of relationships/life, instead of money.

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