Embercombe Mac interview day

An early start, as nervously we prepare for our first formal interview. We are speaking to Mac at 9am – this is the moment we have been waiting for – we are so desperate to get it right, but still so wet behind the ears!

Macinvites us down to his house – a modest old farm house at the foot of Embercombe, with a beautiful old fireplace, framed by a massive tree trunk, salvaged from a fallen tree in the woods. We talk for over 2 hours – he is relaxed and hospitable, helping us to feel at ease as we fumble our way through, finding the courage and composure to do a good job. We glean some beautiful insights, and deep wisdom in response to the questions. For an excerpt, click here. We liked his core questions:

  • What do I love?
  • What do I care for?
  • What gives my life meaning?

As we wind our way back up toward the main yurt, we feel happy with what we have done. Such an amazing opportunity. What doors are opening! We feel truly blessed.

In the afternoon, I finish my basket. They are all so individual and beautiful. That evening, they gather the salad leaves in the basket, and there the magic cycle spirals on…

Source: Uncivilized