Embercombe day 8

Our first lie-in of the week, and a slow breakfast, then we started filming. We got some wonderful footage of Dan, the gardener, such a lovely heartfelt man, with a beautiful connection to the land (see a preview here).

Observing the absence of the morning circle today… On reflection, I can see how important the morning check-in is, how it exposes the natural rhythms that we all have. How we change from day to day, and how this affects a group of people who are living and working together. The shared check-in not only facilitates connection and insight, but the routine is like a gentle hand, which goes on to hold you throughout the day.

Pete spent some time sharpening his axe down at the forge, and filming Kevin for his video diary as he cycles to Itlay.

We also spent some special time with Fiona, who has been at Embercombe for some time now, with her daughter, Asha. Fiona looks after the animals, so she introduced us to the sheep, and we were able to stroke them and have them eat straight out of our hands – such personalities! Later, Fiona shared some beautiful words about her experience and motivations for home education. She also explains a little about ‘attachment parenting’ is about forming and nurturing strong connections between parents and their children. In many ways, it is a return to the instinctual behaviours of our ancestors. Fiona speaks passionately and gently about her experience of parenting – she believes that her life started when she had Asha, contrary to the dominant cultural story that it ends!

It seems folk here will be as sad to see us leave as we are to be leaving. We have learned so much here, and have made some special connections. And, oh, how we’ll miss the food! What a gift this place has been!

A wonderful day of filming marks our final day here – we leave tomorrow.

Source: Uncivilized