Embercombe Day 4

With Friend’s weekend over, breakfast is a slightly less ceremonious affair. Now is the time we fall in with the REAL working life of
Embercombe. From snippets of conversation here and there, we start to get a feel for the place, the individuals here, and their place in this community.

A slightly smaller morning circle, which was pretty cold (despite us all linking arms and swinging our legs like extras of moulan rouge over the modest fire)? Jobs were distributed – Lily to the garden to clear coppiced wood from the Linhay perimeter line. I joined them later, giving my favourite earth boots well muddy! They live on! Whilst clearing the coppice, I talk and share with Kevin, a young guy hitting the world on his bike, in search of his gift.

I was sequestered by Rob, Site Manager to help bring a new compost toilet a stage nearer to completion. To think that this time last year I was denied the identical opportunity at Alma, in Chile! How strange this world and it’s workings. It is a job I will treat with pride. It is so rewarding to be able to contribute in such a way, by using my skills, my gifts to contribute to the space. The design has been carefully considered by Rob, and I’m honoured to be working on this poop house…

I spend the morning removing the dining yurt roof canvas for repair, and covering the front on a temporary basis with tarps. The Microphone FINALLY arrives!!! At least it got here. In the afternoon, after another great lunch, Lil and I interview the Warburtons… an inspirational couple from all over the place who are trying to live the “sustainable” life with their two children. We set up on the edge of the woods, under a little shelter, and talk about this moment in time that we find ourselves in…

In the evening I talk with folk, whilst Lil sings with the Embercombe choir. After diner we gather in centre fire to watch a film called
“Kanyini”, a sad film about the dispossession and disempowerment of the Aboriginal community of Australia. As Mac points out, their story is also our story… and it is story that will repeat and repeat, unless we are prepared to work with our shadow. Again, memories of Alma and its Jungian teachings resonate with this place, and so the cycle continues, exactly a year on.

Source: Uncivilized