Embercombe Day 3

Again, the alarm bell awakens us to an awareness of birdsong, the call of a solitary pheasant, the woodpecker… but where is the shroud of mist that slowly revealed the land early yesterday morning, the sea that awaited the wooden Galleon as we set sail on our adventure? Is it in our nature to always want more?

We head for breakfast, which already feels like a familiar routine… after only two days! Perhaps our memories of our South America journey, and our trip through communities is becoming our life again.

After conversation and warm tea, greetings shared with the stirring community, we find ourselves packed into a circle around a small crackling fire. As with yesterday, we share… what an amazing way to start the day… discovering where each of us sits.

Today is the final day of friend’s weekend. I volunteer for work in the garden – an opportunity to get my hands in the dirty after
spending yesterday with the timber – pulling nails out of old planks… there was a lesson in this!!! But today I was on my knees with the raspberry plants. Clearing space for them, cutting back the shoots that will have to wait until next year… again, how nature gives guidance to our own longings. Worked with a lovely guy called Rony. We cut, we cleaned, we talked about our lives, the world, At
least until we were called to move a shed!

After a muddy scramble across the orchard, and after calling for re-enforcements, we achieved the objective. The impossible became
possible with a few hands and some determination. The shed now sits in its home by the bees… Whilst all this was happening, Lil worked away in the kitchen, preparing lunch and cleaning toilets!

Source: Uncivilized