Earth is My Body…

Hello uncivilised friends…

“Earth is our body, as water’s our blood” – Carrie Tree, Water Song

I took a moment on wednesday morning, Earth Day 22 April 2015, to connect with the reasons behind us making this film: our home, this beautiful earth, and future life. I listened to Carrie Tree’s Water Song, which features on the soundtrack for wetheuncivilised, A Life Story, and allowed the tears to come… I invite you to take a moment to be touched by her exquisite yet powerful lyrics.

This film project is all-consuming for Pete and I, and sometimes overwhelming, but at times like these, I know more than ever, that this is what we’re meant to be doing.76945db6-456e-4489-8622-9ad209af7533

It seems fitting also, to update you once more on the campaign, as the roots of our film continue to grow in an expanding community.

Campaign update

We’re just over half way through with 29 days left to go. You’ve helped to raise 74% of our funding goal with £4,520 ($6,758) pledged. So thank you for your ongoing support.

We still have £1415 ($2115) to raise. As you know, we won’t get any funding unless we reach 100%. our  So please continue to share with all your networks. We can’t finish the film without your help.

Tour update

We’ve appointed a tour manager to help us plan the summer tour. If you’d like to arrange a screening for your community, please get in touch with

We want to offer as many screenings as we can as we travel across the country, and will do our best to reach you.

Response to the trailer

We’ve had some great responses from contributors featured in the film, including Bruce Parry…

“I really enjoyed the trailer and hope you get all you need to bring it to fruition…. I can’t wait to experience the final product” – Bruce Parry, Explorer and BBC documentarian

Films for Action

We posted the trailer for the film on the Films for Action website – see: Where we had an incredible 1,500 views, and 544 likes. Please feel free to share with all your networks

As always, if you have any other suggestions or ideas on how you could help us, please get in touch.

Thank you a thousand times to each of you who has signed up. It puts fire in our belly, and love in our hearts to know that you are out there…

With love and gratitude,

Lily and Pete  xx

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