Council – the children's fire

First on the Agenda throws the Children’s fire into question. “Has the children’s fire just become and emblem for Embercombe, or is it really a part of the vision, and hence the vision?” This is a big, and challenging question, yet despite this it is given due respect and contemplation by the council, including Mac, the champion of the Children’s Fire, who describes the Children’s fire as “The heart-song of Embercombe”, drawing people’s attention to a different way of living. The council discusses the challenges of keeping the children’s fire at the centre of all decisions, especially at this time of transition, when Embercombe’s role is about outreach, which involves large numbers of visitors, and makes it almost impossible not to compromise at times.  It seems that the intention prevails over and above the execution. The bigger picture is about helping people to “wake-up”, and supporting that journey into consciousness, exemplifying the web of interconnection on the sacred path of the twin trail, acknowledging that it takes more effort to swim upstream, but reaching out a hand to influence change in the teachers, companies, and organisations of power that dominate our cultural story. Mac calls for the proliferation of The Children’s Fire as a new meme, as a song of life, to life.  I do feel however that this discussion brought up some really interesting points – how do we keep our symbols alive? Dynamic? How do we avoid complacency, and constantly allow for regeneration of ideas? It makes me think of the permaculture design process[1]), which involves a constant re-evaluation and evolution of ideas. Nothing can be fixed, just as nothing in nature is fixed, but constantly adapting and re-balancing…

Farewells were said to new friends and I was fortunate to meet a lovely guy called beardy Tom (it’s down to his chest!). Tom is Morris dancing his way around this fair land. We wanted to fall in love with this land and the people, and it seems to be happening… at least for me.


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