Community Screening Feedback Form

Please fill out the form below. Thank you in advance for your time, your feedback helps us to do what we do, only better!

Community Screening Feedback form

This form helps us to keep a record of the wetheuncivilised events, and also to learn more about the growing wetheuncivilised community, and to and grow from our collective experience. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form.
  • Please include total amount raised before and after out-goings for the event.
    This would involve a phone call/a few emails with the new host, to share any insights you have gained, and should take no maximum of 3 hours of your time (unless you want to be more involved)
  • Please explain further below
  • Please tell us a bit more about what WAS/WASN'T helpful in the Kit
  • Please give some detail on the discussion space - what themes/ideas/issues came up for your group
  • Please give contact details of the host/co-ordinator of the first FireCircle
  • Incase you missed it - The Community FireCircle is a space to: - Gather and connect with members of your community - Support others and feel supported - Resolve conflict - Collectively acknowledge/celebrate/discuss an event within the community - Cross-pollinate and create solutions FREE DOWNLOAD HERE:
  • no matter how big or small the idea... maybe there is something that you would like to initiate within the project - we are really open to your thoughts!

possibilities not parameters

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