Buddhafield screening

Dear Lily and Pete and the rest of your crew

I saw your film at Buddhafield. I knew I needed something, something to confirm that my practice of witnessing the pain of the Earth in these transitional times is possible when balanced with a witnessing of the myriad mosaic of small and beautiful creative acts of love perpetrated by people in pockets of land and city all over this island I lovingly call home. And that the witnessing nourishes my deepest inspiration in a call to action, joined with others, to follow my heart’s call and find the gifts I can offer in service to Earth and all the beings who belong here.

Before the film even started I was in tears. I spent most of the film weeping with equal amounts of joy and grief. The gift it gave me was the space to deeply feel and express both those things, my heart breaking over and over again in rushes of fierce love for this life, these people, this land and other, and in grief and sorrow for the destruction and ugliness we are capable of creating.

I learnt that, just as your birthing journey with your daughter Solara, was an adventure filled with mystery and magic, requiring surrender, so is this journey for all of us right now as our mother Earth re-births. That we truly don’t know how deeply our actions influence the wild ride we’re all on, and we don’t need to know. The only thing we need to know is that we are acting from a place of love, and dedication to our hearts’ calling. That each one of us, in doing just that big small thing, adds an infinite amount of sparkle to the magic of co-creation.

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. Back home in Monmouthshire, about to check out my nearest screening. Go well, I hope to meet you again!

With love


Cathi Pawson



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