An Uncivilised Update

It has been an incredible 15 months, so much has happened since we started filming our documentary on a snowy, misty weekend in February last year… and as the project was grew, so too, did Lily’s belly; swelling each week with new life.

Our journey has taken us the length and breadth of Britain. We have camped beside Highland Lochs in Scotland, and slept on bedroom floors in Bristol. We have spoken to Satish Kumar (Schumacher College), Polly Higgins (Ecocide Lawyer), Bruce Parry (explorer),Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney (Embercombe),  Mark Boyle (The Moneyless Manifesto), Martin Shaw (School of Myth), Glennie Kindred (Artist and writer), Patrick Whitefield (Permaculturist), Chris Knight (anthropologist and activist), Simon Fairlie (The Land), Jewels Wingfield (Living Love), and the list goes on! Not to mention countless other inspiring people who are living the change and working at a grass-roots level – the activists, the artists, the alternative communities, the musicians, and the mavericks.

We spent the winter months staying warm and assimilating the year of filming. Then, in late December our daughter emerged into the world, an experience which was (and continues to be), one of our greatest teachers.

So here we are: the spring sap has risen and burst its buds, and we welcome the summer blooms like a long lost friend. We sit – now a family of three – solar panels whirring, truck door open, baby on lap, going through the year’s footage.

We have over 70 hours of inspiring interviews, amazing scenery and magical moments, which we are in the mammoth process of editing – weaving together the threads of birth, education, initiation, history, activism, community, creativity, ecology, magic, wisdom, elders and death – this uncivilized murmuration of voices and ideas.

The stories and wisdom we have gleaned during this uncivilized journey will form the fabric of the film, which is set for general release in Spring 2015.

This winter we will retreat to work on the website, which we hope will become a real hub of information and inspiration, and a place to connect with uncivilized folk and learn about uncivilized projects. Through a crowd sourcing campaign we also hope to raise some money to help fund dissemination of the film. As well as making the film available for viewing over the internet, we also envision a pop-up-solar-powered cinema, projected onto the side of our bus, along with uncivilized workshops and talks – our aim is to inform, empower and inspire as many people as we can to be active participants in the Great Turning, and to show that another way is possible.

Thank you. Thank you a thousand times to each of you who has signed up to our website. It puts fire in our belly, and love in our hearts to know that you are out there…

With Love,

Lily, Pete and Solara xx

Source: Uncivilized