2017 Community Screenings

Summer 2017 sees the launch of our Community Screenings hosted by you, in your community, for your community.

We will also be touring with the the wetheuncivilised Lodge – a Sun-powered Ecological Cinema and Community Hub, where we can explore a culture of connection and belonging and cultivate the possibility of positive social and environmental change. Scroll down to find a Screening NEAR YOU!

Venue Date
Films for the Future Festival, Cambridge Fri 16 February
Lush Studio, Soho Fri 8 December
The Depot Cinema, Lewes Wed 29 November
Tiverton Sun 26 November
Hanover Community Centre Fri 17 November
Brighton - Hanover Action Film Showing Fri 17 November
The Grain Grocer, Margate Thu 26 October
Emerson College, Forest Row Mon 9 October
Shambala Festival Sat 26 August
Off Grid Festival Sat 12 August
Vinyl Head Cafe, Ramsgate Sat 5 August
Green Gathering Thu 3 August
Wilderness Festival Thu 3 August
High Nature Centre, South Devon Fri 21 July
Buddhafield Festival Sat 15 July
Permaculture Convergence Scotland Fri 30 June
Cinemor Scotland - various dates Fri 30 June
Old Tree Brewery, Brighton Thu 29 June
London Buddhist Centre Sat 3 June
The Company Store Ft Bragg, CA Sat 27 May
National Co-housing Conference Sat 20 May
Estreno de “Nosotros Los Incivilizados” Fri 12 May
Brithdir Mawr Community Sat 15 April
The Telegraph at The Earl of Derby Sat 8 April
Wetheuncivilised Community Screening Premiere & Refugee Fundraiser Thu 6 April
Into The Wild Beltane Fire Gathering Sat 1 April
Home Screening Sat 1 April
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