wetheuncivilised, A Life Story
A film about finding home

Due for General release 1st February, 2017, wetheuncivilised, A Life Story, will be available for Community Screenings, private download, and on DVD.  We will be sharing information about the release first, via our mailing list.

We are currently working on a new updated trailer, and taking some time to reflect and plan for 2017.

About the Film

Disillusioned by a cultural story of consumption and alienation, a newly married couple are called to action. Carrying with them their unborn child, they embark on a year-long journey around the UK, searching for the seeds of an alternative culture and with it hope for the future.

Without any prior filmmaking experience, they borrow the money from a friend to buy a second hand film camera, and set off with an intention to share their experience.

We follow the filmmakers’ quest on this intimate journey as they speak to grassroots activists alongside the pioneering voices of Satish Kumar (editor of The Ecologist), Polly Higgins (ecocide lawyer), Bruce Parry (explorer), Martin Shaw (founder of School of Myth), Jewels Wingfield (ecofeminist), Mac Macartney (founder of Embercombe), Simon Fairlie (editor of The Land), Peter Owen Jones (clergyman, presenter), Glennie Kindred (author and artist), and the late Patrick Whitefield (permaculturist). On this quest, they take with them a question – What could an uncivilised world look like?

‘wetheuncivilised, A Life Story’, is a grassroots documentary film project that seeks to challenge the ‘civilised’ story of separation. We move through the themes of Birth, Land, Activism, Belief, Community, Wisdom, Grief and Death, looking at the points in our lives when we have an opportunity to tell a new story, and to step into an ‘uncivilised’ world of relationship, connection and belonging.

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Some feedback from audiences…

” A stunning and sensitive journey into ecology, humanity and spirituality.”  The Cube, Bristol

“Pete and Lily’s journey to find home and live a conscientious life is both moving and tragic. But above all it is inspiring, and I thank them wholeheartedly for this, their gift to us all.” Bruce Parry, Film Maker

“A truly inspiring and moving quest for a healthy alternative to the old, unsustainable story of consumerism culture. Lily And Pete courageously share their questions, vulnerabilities,heart longing and soul seeking journey through great storytelling and conversation with remarkable ordinary superheroes they meet on the way…A film to spark the kind of questions and conversation our world needs us to speak today!” Roi Gal-Or, Co-Founder of the International School of Storytelling, E.Sussex, UK.

“This film moved me deeply, it is so down to earth, inspiring and so from the heart. It reaches in and pulls out the part of us that knows what is being spoken in the film. Pete and Lily have created such beauty and brought themselves in such a personal way it makes the film very special. I wish it could be shown in schools and political offices.” Jewels Wingfield, Founder, EarthHeart

“Moving. Haunting. Thought-provoking and profound. A chance to consider how to live on the edge, yet connected to community and society. Alternative ways of living. Reconnecting to the wild, elemental side of ourselves. Honouring the grief of what we collectively have created in order to come home to our truth and wisdom.” Rachel Dymond

“So beautiful, rich, open and honest.” Carmel

“wetheuncivilised – a Life Story was not only inspiring and informative, but it was beautifully crafted storytelling, enhanced by stunning visuals, graphics and music. The narrative was gripping, moving and honest, ending with a kind of open question. How to accept and appreciate the positive aspects of our post-industrial society, particularly health care, while acknowledging the concurrent devastation, cruelty and dissonance?

The overall feeling for me was respect and modesty: my total respect for the film protagonists, their own self-respect, respect for others and the earth. Honouring and heeding the voice of elders and humility and listening in the face of challenging situations.  Throughout there was a lightness of touch, rather than table-thumping, even during an empassioned sequence on fracking protests. I believe this film tour speaks to all generations and gathers people together for a experience of true community.” Katie Lloyd-Nunn, Hawkwood College

“Truly inspiring and thought provoking. I found sharing your experience moved me to reconsider my current lifestyle. Pete and Lily, it would be fantastic to share the film with as wide an audience as you can reach, so many people feel the dissatisfaction you experienced and that seed needs nurturing.” David Turner

“What an amazing film! You guys have done so well. I was deeply moved last night – particularly by your approach to grief on different levels, it helped with my own grief.” Flo Scott

“It was stunning beyond words. I am inspired in a deep way, feeling connected to my roots in the ground!” Sophia Efthimiou

“Goosebumps all over! Congratulations – what an awesome film, amazing inspirational story, and an incredible example of following your intuition, finding your path and honouring your truths. And a beautiful love story too.” Karen Smithson

“That film broke my heart open . Very moving .” Emma Watkinson

” … a film of such scope I can’t possibly describe it. It brings up so many emotions and leaves you feeling inspired to go out and change things. I will need to watch it 15 times to take in all the incredible ideas and philosophies. The 10 minute standing ovation was more than deserved. Can’t wait for the next chapter….” Jack Rumbold

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